Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HellOs :) .....again

This is my 2nd blog soo far. And this one will be about what i think and stuff like that (WARNING i get very dramatic) my first blog was about hijab. i made this blog Bcuz i alwayzz need to SAY something and my family has had enough of my blabber so here's my present to you: blog posts full of fairy floss, rainbows and blabber :)

some things basic RaNdoM things you need to know about me:

Mariam's the name
white's the favourite color
figs are the favourite fruit
i'm surrounded by water - i live in Australia
shopping is an Adicction
AND i'm tremendously afraid of michael jacksons new plastic white face :(



  1. Hey,hi, this is ur first blog and the intro's intresting! Can u follow my blog?

  2. Hi nah this is my 2nd
    thnx about the intro and yeah sure i'll follow ur blog

  3. thanx,lol!I just started my blog too and I really want some one to follow it. Good luck on ur 2 blog!

  4. Oh by the way, did u check out my poem blog?
    I have 2 blogs u know.

  5. oh okay yeah i really LIKE poems
    they're peaceful yet sometimes heart-breaking oh well .... :)

  6. beautiful country of Australia, huh?

    btw, greeting from me, Malaysian student in Jordan. ;)

  7. hey harizh yeah australia is really beautiful beaches,sun and cute accents lol

  8. I do agree and one day I'll make a trip over there as I got lots of friend there. In fact, Malaysia got beautiful beaches and sun too. lol

    btw, it just Hariz, as it is Hariz Hazwan. lol

  9. Oh sorry! hariz
    i'd love to visit Malaysia :)